Twin Flame Synchronicity: Is It Just a Coincidence? (2023)

[lmt-post-modified-info]Zwillingsflammesynchronicity– Do you think it's just a coincidence or is there more? You are probably wondering what twin flame synchronicity is and what does it do?

In this article we want to show why it is an essential tool for understanding and identifying twin flame relationships.

First, let's explore something about synchronicity.


Synchronicity occurs when more than one unrelated event or action reflects or relates to another in a meaningful way.

Synchronicities manifest in many ways. One universal synchronicity that we all must have experienced at some point is numerical synchronicity.

The universe loves numbers and loves to send messages with number synchronicities. We feel in our hearts that it must be some kind of message.

These types of synchronicities are often very repetitive, seeing the same number pattern everywhere, or always looking at the time at exactly 11:11.

We immediately feel that it can't have been a coincidence that we were drawn to look up at that moment, but somehow it just happens!

It's no coincidence as their paths are unlikely to cross, but it all comes together as if it were pre-planned.

The universe is constantly guiding us to find a twin flame; As we open our hearts and souls to receive, we will begin to feel a pull in the right direction.

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forward movement

When we perceive the synchronicities of moving forward as not just random, it speeds up our journey and puts us on our right path faster.

When you start noticing the signs on your path, synchronicity often occurs in front of you.

It could be as easy as walking the dog and meeting the owner, because your dogs are the same breed and they clicked straight away, and consequently both of you!Twin Flame Synchronicity: Is It Just a Coincidence? (1)

Just as some activities are grouped by equipment or shared locations, synchronicities are grouped by importance and vibration.

Synchronicity was first noted by Swiss psychologist Carl Gustave Jung in the 1920s.


Jung described it as "a collection of events suggesting that it needs no explanation in terms of cause and effect".

In his book Synchronicity: An Acausal Connecting Principle, Jung wrote: It is impossible with our current resources to explain ESP or the fact of meaningful coincidence as an energy phenomenon. This also eliminates the causal explanation, since “effect” can be understood to mean nothing other than an energy phenomenon. So it can't be about cause and effect, but about a coincidence in time, a kind of simultaneity. Because of this quality of simultaneity, I chose the term "synchronicity" to designate a hypothetical factor on an equal footing with causality as an explanatory principle.

don't have it

In our opinion, there is no such thing as coincidence. You would easily see the linking steps if you put all events and ideas in one big diagram.

You would have seen how impossible it would be to coordinate the lives of two people more perfectly.

The mechanics of twin flame synchronicity is such a complex flow of light-love energy and a finely tuned ascension mechanism.

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Those extra 5-10 minutes here and there add up to the exact number of seconds it takes for your twin flame to cross paths in a timely manner.

The universe places us in our personalized place and aligns us with the vibration we generate and receive.

This placement manifests and adapts to every thought, feeling, and action that we take and absorb from our soul families.

In reality, these special moments that stop time are not accidental. Synchronicities always occur for a reason.

They are the way the Universe communicates with us on the physical plane. As we open our hearts and believe, we will begin to feel guidance.

We believe that connections between the inner and outer worlds come together through inner psychic events and outer intentional physical events.

Coincidence vs. Synchronicity

There is a clear distinction between the terms "coincidence" and also "synchronicity".

Through many synchronicities in life, twin flames begin to realize that these events are symbolic of their connection.

At first, many think it's a coincidence, but when they put their ego aside and understand that it's not a coincidence.

After understanding this, they begin to realize that their paths purposely cross in the same place, at the same time, and for the same reason.

(Video) Synchronicity is Not Just a Coincidence: What is Synchronicity & What does it Mean?

When the twin flames are in the same phase and ready to increase their awareness of each other, the synchronicities kick in and take over.

They can live different lives. But the reflection causes the twin flames to feel the close connection between them. In turn, it acts as a booster of growth and understanding of the soul.

A wondrous symphony of atoms, light and ingenious systems, all encoded and beautifully synchronized and activated.

It intertwines and intertwines itself in a continuous forward motion, attempting to express itself in 3D on Earth through humans.

This psychic energy allows twin flames to see that they are part of the same path when they cross in close proximity.Twin Flame Synchronicity: Is It Just a Coincidence? (2)

Twin Flame Synchronicities

When we are in search of our twin flame, when our hearts and minds are open and we feel ready, we will notice unique signs.

They are patterns in our lives called twin flame synchronicities.

Synchronicities are specifically designed to put us on the best path to being ready for our twin flame.

There is a bigger mission for Twin Flames than just being a romantic relationship.

The twin flames unite and activate dormant codes that open portals used by humanity to ascend en masse when needed.

Twin flames are the signposts in times of global movement between souls.

Many souls have the codes to be twin flames, but not all will succeed. And not all are needed to begin the ascension process.

Not everyone will be rightMoment to merge with your twin flame. And not all unions are needed or desired at the same time.

If we follow our heart and listen to the signs, they will lead us to our goals.

Numbers 11:11 1111

The usualTwin Flame Synchronicity in NumbersPattern sees the number '1' in repeating sequences like 11:11 or pausing a song at exactly 1 minute and 11 seconds without conscious thought.

If you have ever met and know her name, you will mention her everywhere. It's like buying a new car.

Once you drive it, you'll notice the same make of vehicle everywhere.


Possibly the most important Twin Flame synchronicity to watch out for is the unexpected crossing of paths with a specific person.

You may even specifically avoid that person, or they may avoid you. But somehow their tracks seem to cross again and again.

You might feel like you both happen to be in the same place at the same time.

No one mysteriously crosses paths, and there's no way it can be a coincidence.

It is important to pay close attention to this type of synchronicity as this person could very well be your long lost twin flame.

A twin flame synchronicity is just a message from the universe telling you that you are on the right track.

Twin flames spend their entire lives finding or being close to each other.

If you already have your twin flame, it could mean that you are succeeding in your journey together, or even a sign that your other half is thinking of you.Twin Flame Synchronicity: Is It Just a Coincidence? (3)


Twin flames are a mirror of each other and often experience the same synchronicities.

When their paths begin to cross, although they lead different lives, they will discover that they are the same, a reflection of one another.

Once their paths are successfully intertwined, the reflection triggers the twin flames to truly feel their close and unbreakable bond.

The reflection of the two flames allows each other's weaknesses to surface and come to life as they can now clearly see themselves in the other.

This process accelerates soul growth and understanding. However, this can be the most challenging phase of the twin flame connection.

Through many synchronicities, the twin flames will begin to realize that these events are actually a symbol of their deep connection.


When we misinterpret synchronicity, we march aimlessly and end up even further from living our purpose.

It is invaluable to tune into the universe and listen to the messages of guidance and perceive them as such.

These messages alert us to them or help us feel connected to them.

(Video) Do You See the Signs of the Universe? | Ulla Suokko | TEDxBigSky

Whether you have found your twin flame or not, you can experience twin flame synchronicity.

Seeing number patterns can be the first step in activating twin flame synchronicity. Your twin flame leadership is always around you and protecting you.

But unless we are open and willing to receive it, the synchronicities will go unnoticed.

To tune into twin flame messages and synchronicities, simply surrender to the universe and keep an open and receptive heart. You never know what you might discover.

Our inner and outer worlds are energetically connected; What we think becomes our physical reality. This energetic connection also moves in the other direction.

Once two twin flames have surrendered to their eternal bond, they will begin to realize that their paths are purposely intertwined. There are no coincidences.

The outside world sends us signals to communicate with our inner world, these are synchronicities. They happen for one reason and one reason only, and that is to guide us.


It is a wonderful time when both twin flames are in alignment with twin flame synchronicity and at the same stage in their journey.

As they begin to discover themselves, they will begin to understand their journey and their growth will increase tremendously.

With the guidance of twin flame synchronicity, two flames can overcome anything and must never give up on each other.

Once this phase is complete, things will slow down and get better again.

Knowing our twin flameit is one of the most meaningful and meaningful experiences we will have.

It is through understanding them that we find ourselves. Twin flames help us live our purpose with confidence and support.

Does it “click” for you now? Just like any other twin flame synchronicity, so is the fact that you are reading this article.

Do you understand why so many are concerned about finding their twin flame at this point in history?

We are immortal beings of light with perfectly personalized souls; We are privileged and honored to feel love and joy and attain enlightenment.


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