Travel drama: Is Neal already bringing back Gregg Rolie? (2023)

NEW YORK, NY - APRIL 07: 2017 Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon, Jonathan Cain of Journey attend the 32nd Annual Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in the City of New York at the Barclays Center on April 7, 2017 .

Neal Schon has hinted that Gregg Rolie, Journey's keyboardist and vocalist, will play a role in the band's upcoming tour. In a post about the touron the band's Facebook pageOne fan commented: "Please tell me Gregg is going with Rolie! He's the best keyboardist and co-founder, that seems right. PerLoudwire, Schön replied: "You will see him." Schon didn't explain what that meant.

Schon and Journey keyboardist Jonathan Cain have had a public spat for the past few months. Cain recently accused him of this. Before,Schon's legal representatives sent a cease-and-desist letter to Cain's legal representatives, after Schon questioned the keyboard player who played "Don't Stop Believin'" on oneGala event at former President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago Clubin Palm Beach, Fla. Schon has always maintained that Journey is not a political band.

Earlier this morning, Schon tweeted, "No one is going to tell me what I can and can't do with Journey at this point. I wasn't here and I'm not here to take orders - never was and never will be. It's my band and I will own it as I should and make the right changes when needed." When a fan asked, "Who's trying to dictate to you?" Already replied, "Guess..."

No one is going to tell me what I can and can't do with Journey at this point. I wasn't here and I'm not here to take orders - never was and never will be. It's my band and I will own it as I should and make the right changes as needed.

– NEAL SCHON MUSIC (@NealSchonMusic)5 January 2023

In response, Schon posted a meme that read, "Narcissists act out of frustration, sulk, resentment and take stock when things don't go their way."

– NEAL SCHON MUSIC (@NealSchonMusic)5 January 2023

The history of Schon and Roli goes back more than five decades. Rolie was a founding member of Santana; He was keyboardist and vocalist on classics like "Evil Ways", "Black Magic Woman" and "Oye Como Va". Already joined the band for their third album, 1971III. He stayed until 1972's fourth jazz-influenced albumKarawanserei. After this album, Schon and Rolle left the band. The duo later formed the group that would become Journey and released their self-titled debut album in 1975. The band also included Ross Valory on bass guitar, Geroge Tickner on guitar and Aynsley Dunbar on drums. Singer Steve Perry did not join the band until their fourth album in 1978.infinity.

Rollie left the band after their sixth album, in 1980Spiel, and suggested that Jonathan Cain should be his replacement. Cain joined the band in 1981Leak.Heco wrote hits like "Don't Stop Believin'", "Open Arms" and "Separate Ways (Worlds Apart)". He also wrote Faithfully himself.

In recent years, Rolie (one of the few musicians to be twice inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) has played with various iterations of Ringo Starr's All-Starr Band. Schon and Rolie briefly returned to Santana for the 2016 seasonSantana IValbum.Schon and Rolie also got back together in 2019 for a few small shows.

There's no word on what Schon's intentions are regarding Rolie. It is doubtful that he can replace Cain with Rolie, especially when Cain is an equal partner in the band in business terms. Could Journey just switch to a dual-keyboard lineup? Possibly. Or Rolie could join the band for a few songs at every show, including ones where he sang lead vocals like on "Feeling That Way/Anytime."

In much less controversial Journey news, Chris Daughtry has just released a new cover of Separate Ways (Worlds Apart) starring Halestorm's Lzzy Hale. Check it out below.

The 50 greatest power ballads of all time

  • 50. 'Love Song' - Tesla

    Jeff Keith's soaring vocals? To verify. Massive guitar solo offFrank Hannon? To verify. Excellent use of "you you you-you-you"? Big check here! No wonder this was one of Tesla's greatest achievements.

  • 49. "The Ballad of Jayne" - L.A. Guns

    While the history of L.A. Guns is intertwined with Guns N' Roses due to Axl Rose's brief stint with the band in 1984, the L.A. Guns only managed one hit with 1989's "The Ballad of Jayne," but they managed that it counts. And no, the song is not an ode to late actress Jayne Mansfield. Singer Phil Lewis said in aInterview 2011, "It's not about [Jayne Mansfield]. It's a fictional character, but I based it on a lot of these young women who are leaving their small town and going to Los Angeles to be a star.”

  • 48. "Nothing will stop us now" - Spaceship

    With all due respect to Andrew McCarthy and Kim Cattrall, Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now was the best thing about the 1987 filmDummy.The track features Mickey Thomas sharing vocal duties with Grace Slick, who screamed "Feed Your Head!" just two decades earlier. In "White Rabbit". (Frankly, that fun fact is still shocking years later.) Written by songwriting giants Diane Warren and Albert Hammond, "Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now" was later nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song.

  • 47. "Black Fleece" – Alannah Myles

    An ode to Elvis Presley, Alannah Myles' "Black Velvet" was included on the three-track demo that eventually led to her being signed to Atlantic Records. The track, full of swagger and that huge chorus, would hit the pinnaclebillboardHot 100 charts for two weeks and earned Myles the 1991 Grammy Award for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance.

  • 46. ​​​​'I miss you' - blink-182

    "Where are you? And I'm sorry! Sure, "I Miss You" seems more of a meme than a song in recent years, but it remains one of blink-182's most enduring and catchy tracks in their catalogue. Singing the chorus, it's "yead," isn't it head

  • 45. "High or Enough" - Damn Yankees

    When Ted Nugent was first introduced to the world, the last thing on anyone's mind - and that probably includes Uncle Ted himself - was that a huge power ballad was in his future. But that's exactly what happened when Motor City Mad Man teamed up with Tommy Shaw of the Styx, Jack Blades of Night Ranger and future Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer Michael Cartellone to form the Damn Yankees. The band's self-titled 1990 debut sold two million copies, and that was thanks to this power ballad, which peaked at No.billboardHot 100 chart not number 3.

  • 44. "When I see you smile" - bad English

    Another Diane Warren song! (By the way: she appears later on this list.) Bad English - the supergroup consisting of John Waite and Ricky Phillips from The Babys and Neal Schon from Journey, Deen Castronovo and Jonathan Cain who was in The BabyseJourney - only existed for two albums. "When I See You Smile" was the second single to be released from her self-titled debut album in 1989 and it was her biggest hit, topping the charts.billboardHot 100 in November 1989.

  • 43. 'Silent Clarity' - Queensryche

    "It's a place where you learn/face your fears, rewind the years/and let the whims of your mind run free/rule in another world/suddenly hear and see/this magical new dimension." That power ballad is as delicate as it is beautifully haunting. We have Geoff Tates to thank for his stunning vocals and songwriting by guitarist Chris DeGarmo.

    (Video) Has Gregg Rolie Saved Journey From Destruction?
  • 42. "It must have been love" - ​​Roxette

    Fun Fact: This Roxette hit was first released in 1987 as "It Must Have Been Love (Christmas for the Broken Hearted)". (Yes, it was originally a Christmas carol!) It was only released in the duo's native Sweden, but was edited and re-released internationally in 1990 as part of the hit film's soundtrack.Pretty Woman. Singer Marie Fredriksson would die of a brain tumor in December 2019, but songs like "It Must Have Been Love" will live on forever as examples of her dynamic voice.

  • 41. „Fly To The Angels“ – Gemetzel

    When Slaughter released their debut Stick It to Ya in 1990, there was already a popular formula for many rock bands to release a new LP: the first single is the rocker and the second single is the power ballad. While the formula was successful, you still need quality songs to make it work, and Slaughter definitely had it, especially with their second single, "Fly To The Angels." Just thinking about the notes Mark Slaughter hits during the chorus makes my throat hurt.

  • 40. „Himmel“ – Bryan Adams

    "Heaven" was a big hit for Bryan Adams and his first number one single in the US. If you think the song is similar to Journey's "Faithfully," you are not wrong; Adams toured with Journey when they supported hislimitsLP, and then-Journey drummer Steve Smith plays on Heaven. The music is so dreamy that it lends itself to a particularly swooning scene.Magic Mike XXL.

  • 39. "We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)" — Tina Turner

    After Tina Turner's successful comeback albuma private dancer,many were probably wondering what their next step would be. Turns out he starred alongside Mel Gibson in 1985Mad Max beyond Thunderdomeand sing the theme of the film "We Don't Need Another Hero (Thunderdome)". And by singing, we absolutely mean singing.

  • 38. 'Iris' - Goo Goo-Puppen

    Several songs on this list are included in soundtracks and make sense given the bombastic and dramatic nature of power ballads. In the case of Goo Goo Dolls, "Iris" was written for the 1998 ​​of Angelsstarring Nicolas Cage and Meg Ryan and became a huge international hit. And that booming chorus... wow!

  • 37. "Close my eyes forever" — Lita Ford & Ozzy Osbourne

    Several songs in this ranking of power ballads have one interesting thing in common: they are often the artist's biggest hits in their entire back catalogue. This Lita Ford and Ozzy Osbourne duet is no exception. The third single from Ford's self-titled 1988 studio album Close My Eyes Forever, which peaked at No.billboardHot 100 o'clock #8.

  • 36. "I don't know what you got (until it's gone) - Cinderella

    "Can't tell you baby what went wrong..." There's something very poetic about this power ballad from Cinderella. Who hasn't been in a relationship - romantic or not - that went wrong and you just couldn't figure out why? It might be one of the most down to earth and relatable songs on the entire list.

  • 35. 'Chama Eterna' - The bangles

    "Eternal Flame" may have burned brightly for The Bangles, but it turned out to be the band's last big hit before their 1989 split. The band would get back together nearly a decade later, but when a band disbands, nothing quite quite quite quite quite quite quite quite quite comes out with a number one hit. You're talking about the sun shining in the rain, right?

  • 34. „Fall To Pieces“ – Samt-Revolver

    Velvet Revolver was one of several supergroups that emerged early. They were only together for six years, but this time they produced great music, including this power ballad from their 2004 debut LP.smuggling. Scott Weiland's unique vocals really open up in the song's sing-along chorus, and the track is another example of how a guitar solo from Slash can really take a song to another level.

  • 33. "Being with you" - Mr. Big

    If you're waiting in line just to be next to someone, you've got it.always. It turns out that Mr. Groß's lead singer, Eric MartinfezFeeling sorry for someone he knew years before the song became a hit.Martin would say in an interview in 2011, "THis girlfriend had a lot of friends who treated her like shit. I wanted to be the knight in shining armor, I wanted to be with her. She didn't accept it. I never got to play.” It's a shame for her because Martin clearly had strong feelings for this woman. At least one great song came out of it, right?

  • 32. "More than words" - Extreme

    Brilliantly portrayed by Max (Adam Pally) in the cult sitcomHappy Endlike “two men playing guitarnoEach Other", "More Than Words" didn't sound like any Extreme metal song at all. Regardless, the smooth melody with Gary Cherone and Nuno Bettencourt's wonderfully harmonious vocals would top the Billboard Hot 100 list.

    (Video) Neal Schon Confirms Gregg Rolie Will Be On Stage With Journey
  • 31. "Why This Can't Be Love" - ​​Van Halen

    The first single from Van Halen's "Van Hagar" era was this powerful keyboard ballad. What a statement! Of course, "Why Can't This Be Love" definitely had what it takes, helping Van Halen's seventh studio album.5150sell over six million copies.

  • 30. 'The Flame' - Cheap trick

    "You were first, you will be last." WALKED!

    Prior to "The Flame," Cheap Trick had not had a Top 40 hit since 1979. At Epic Records' request, they were given a choice of two songs that the label was sure would become number one hits. Cheap Trick chose "The Flame" and as predicted, the song topped the charts.billboardHot 100. (What It's Worth: The other songs were "Look Away", released by Chicago in September 1988 and also topped the charts.)

  • 29. "Winds of Change" - Scorpios

    Not every power ballad is about romantic love; sometimes they are an agent of peace. That's how it was with Scorpions' "Wind of Change". Klaus Meine was inspired to write the song after the Scorpions took part in the Moscow Music Peace Festival in August 1989. Shortly thereafter, Meine wrote this epic song, which to this day is historically linked to the end of the Cold War and the Soviet Union. Of course, there's also the conspiracy theory that the CIA actually wrote "Wind of Change."But we'll let you dive into it yourself via the eponymous podcast..

  • 28. "Free Bird" - Lynyrd Skynyrd

    “Free Bird” isn't normally associated with power ballads, but if you examine classical music according to the Cambridge University Press definition mentioned above, it absolutely is! "A steady climb and an expressive formula that combines the euphoric high produced by intoxicating music with sentimental themes and maneuvers"? Um, yeah...Free Bird has that and more! Allen Collins and Gary Rossington's guitar work alone should suffice.

  • 27. “Against all odds” – Phil Collins

    Have you ever drunkly cried to this Phil Collins classic after a violent breakup? Not? Just me? Oh, well... it's quite therapeutic, as is singing the hymn chorus. Collins wrote the music for the 1984 film of the same name, starring Rachel Ward, Jeff Bridges and James Woods. The movie wasn't a huge hit, but the music certainly was! It was even nominated for Best Original Song at the 1985 Academy Awards, but lost out to Stevie Wonder's "I Just Called to Say I Love You."The woman in red, which is actually one of Wonder's more mundane songs, but that's a tirade for another day.

  • 26. "Now I remember" - Celine Dion this point, some of you might be dying to see Celine Dion on this list, but do yourself a favor and rewatch this epic of the singer's 1996 hit albumfall on youBy the way, if you're thinking "It's All Coming Back To Me Now" sounds a lot like a Meat Loaf song, that's because it was written by songwriter Jim Steinman, who is best known for writing Meat Loafbat from helleBat from Hell II: Back to Hell.

  • 25. 'Bringin' on the Heartbreak' - Def Leppard

    Many people were introduced to Def Leppard's distinctive group vocals through "Bringin' on the Heartbreak" off their 1981 LPAlt 'n' seco.Several of Def Leppard's power ballads could make this list, but there's something very special about how this track fits into the chorus while giving Joe Elliott plenty of time to shine on his own.

  • 24. "Keep Love You" - REO Speedwagon

    The lead single from REO Speedwagon's ninth studio album Hi Infidelity, Keep On Loving You was a power ballad that launched the Illinois band to new fame.Hello infidelityIt would become the best-selling album of 1981.

  • 23. “Dark Shadows – Pat Benatar

    Pat Benatar could be (and still is) a total badass, but she also has a string of hits that showcase her sensitive side. Shadows of the Night shows Benatar walking the line between hard and sweet, and she walks that line brilliantly. ("You can cry, tough baby, it's alright / You can easily let me down, but not tonight.") Her powerful vocals certainly don't hurt either.

  • 22. „Blaze of Glory“ – Jon Bon Jovi

    "Blaze of Glory" was Jon Bon Jovi's first solo single, and from the start the track was a hitbillboardHot 100. Written for the 1990 filmyoung savages II,The song came about after Emilio Estevez wanted Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive" for his film, but JBJ turned it down and ended up writing that song and an entire soundtrack. (Jon even makes an uncredited cameo in the film,this was her first appearance in a film.) While there are thematic similarities between Blaze of Glory and Wanted Dead or Alive, the former certainly suited a Billy the Kid movie better and really evokes the spirit of the Wild West.

  • 21. 'Heaven' - Arrest warrant

    If you've ever wondered what a power ballad could do for a band, look no further than Warrant. The second single from their 1989 debut albumDirty lazy dirty smelly rich"Heaven" would help the album go double platinumwould reach its climaxbillboardHot 100 at number two. The song that stopped Warrant from topping the charts? "Girl I'll Miss You" by Milli Vanilli.

    (Video) Santana, Gregg Rolie, Neal Schon Abraxas Live 1971 Incident at Neshabur
  • 20. 'Irmã Christian' - Night Watchman

    Okay, let's just say it: who would have thought that such a cute song about a little sister growing up would end up on the soundtracka movie scene as whimsical as it was in 1997boogie nights? Aside from that moment in the film, "Sister Christian" remains one of the most memorable power ballads, thanks in no small part to the ridiculously catchy "Motoring!" chorus.

  • 19. "Mom, I'm Coming Home" - Ozzy Osbourne

    Inspired by wife/manager Sharon, "Mama I'm Coming Home" somehow gains integrity when you discover that Motörhead frontman Lemmy Kilmister wrote the lyrics to this beautiful power ballad. Theoretically, of course, that doesn't make any sense, but after just one listen, it clicks. Listen below if you still have questions!

  • 18. 'Dame' - Styx

    If you weren't convinced of the integrity of the previous song, brace yourself. Originally published in 1973, Dennis DeYoung wrote "Lady" for his wife, Suzanne. They were married in 1970 and arestillmarried to this day! This was also Styx's first top ten hit. How wonderful is that?!

  • 17. "I found someone" - Cher

    When Cher released "I Found Someone," it was her first new song in five years. (Cher chose to focus on her acting career for most of the mid-'80s.) This time, Cher incorporated more rock elements, and it certainly paid off, as the track became Cher's first top ten hit, The first in nine years. Fun Fact: Written by Michael Bolton and Mark Mangold, "I Found Someone" was originally recorded and released by Laura Branigan about a year and a half before Cher released her version. Bolton would also serve as producer on Cher's version.

  • 16. "Is this love" - ​​Whitesnake

    "Is This Love" was a smash hit for Whitesnake, but it was hardly her song. In conversation withDefinitely classic rock, said David Coverdale: "'Is This Love' was originally for Tina Turner. EMI had asked me, and then David Geffen said, "You fucking keep it!" And still good! At the beginning I shout arrogantly: "This is a choir that will conquer the world" - and it did! I'm at least a man of my word. And a humble man at that!

  • 15. „Totale Herzfinsternis“ – Bonnie Tyler

    The late Jim Steinman is best remembered for his work with Meat Loaf, but he also contributed some incredible music for other artists, as evidenced by number 26 on this list and Bonnie Tyler's Total Eclipse of the Heart, which broke the Song really sang Fuck this ballad. The album version of that track was almost seven minutes long because Jim goes Steinman, but the single version was cut down to 4:30, got played on the radio. (Note: one more Steinman composition will appear on this list.)

  • 14. "I remember you" - Skid Row

    Believe it or not, Rachel Bolan and Snake Sabo — who wrote "I Remember You," it should be noted — have been committed to maintaining the apparent success of Skid Row's 1989 self-titled debut album. As Bolan put it in an interview withDefinitely classic rock, "We don't want to be a girl band - we want to be a hard rock band." Clearly, Bolan and Sabo had a change of heart, and luckily they did, because who else besides Sebastian Bach can you see hitting those high notes? I agree.

  • 13. "Kiss from a rose" - Selo

    The Marvel Cinematic Universe is gorgeous and all, and it's done wonders for classic rock with the soundtracks ofIronman 2it is atGuardians of the GalaxyMovies, but when was the last time you helped create a hit like this? While "Kiss From A Rose" was originally released as a single in July 1994, it was recorded in 1995Batman foreverand the subsequent soundtrack made Seal a star. The track also won the 1996 Grammy Awards for Record of the Year, Song of the Year, and Best Male Pop Vocal Performance.

  • 12. "The show must go on" - Queen

    "Inside my heart is breaking/My makeup might peel/But my smile stays." Without a doubt, "The Show Must Go On" is the most devastating song on this list, but it's also one of the most beautiful. The track was released as a single just six weeks before Freddie Mercury died from complications from HIV/AIDS. Brian May was the main songwriter on the track, but it's almost as if the whole group came together to give their dear friend a big, dramatic farewell to the kings.

  • 11. "I want to know what love is" - Foreigner

    Most power ballads have big, booming choruses, but few get you screaming and singing in your car like Foreigner's "I Want to Know What Love Is." Foreigner had many hits before "I Want to Know What Love Is," but this one managed to top them all, literally. It reached #1 in the US and ten other countries, and remains Foreigner's most successful single in their catalogue.

  • 10. "Always" - Bon Jovi

    If power ballads are an art, then Bon Jovi is Picasso or Van Gogh or whatever *really* famous artist you prefer. Bon Jovi is one of the reasons this list has limited artists to one entry as Bon Jovi could easily dominate the entire list. One of two new songs on their 1994 Greatest Hits LPcross the street"Always" was a huge hit worldwide. Really, how couldn't it not have dreamy lyrics like, "When he holds you, when he pulls you close / When he says the words you needed to hear / I wish I were him 'cause those words are mine / Saying to you." 'till the end of time / Yes, I'll love you, baby, always / And I'll be there for always and one day, always." The song is so delicious that the band can be forgiven for their clumsy music video with the plot that doesn't make any sense!

    (Video) Gregg Rolie & Neal Schon & Carlos Santana - Fire At Night.
  • 9. "Every rose has its thorn" - Poison

    It's a story as old as time: Bret Michaels called his then-girlfriend while on tour and when she answered he heard another guy in the background. This is how an iconic ballad was born, a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll! Oh, and like many other songs on this list, "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" would be Poison's only number one hit.

  • 8. "Nothing Else Matters" - Metallica

    Nothing Else Matters is in such a special status now, almost such a standard, that it's hard to imagine having a time when it could be considered controversial. (Unless you're the kind of metalhead who absolutely hates "The Black Album," in which case it's frankly confusing that you're even reading this list.) Anyway, James Hetfield said in a June interview 2012 withThe voice of the village, “It was a song for me in my room during a tour, when I was upset about not being home. It's amazing, it's a true test of honesty and exposure to show your true self and take the risk of betting someone will stomp nails on your heart or place your heart right next to it, and you never know until you try I think it solidified that we did the right thing by writing from the heart about how we were feeling and so you can't go wrong.

  • 7. "November-Regen" - Guns N' Roses

    November Rain is an audio and visual epic. Axl and his piano and Slash and his two great guitar solos are the stars of this nearly nine minute power ballad. Of course, even when you hear "November Rain," you can't help but think of the decadent music video. From Slash emerging from church to Stephanie Seymour's mullet wedding dress, some of the scenes are the most memorable in music video history. Fun Fact: "November Rain" was the first music video released before YouTube was invented, reaching 1 billion views.

  • 6. "Home Sweet Home" - Motley Crüe

    In the realm of power ballads, "Home Sweet Home" is one of the epitome. Even hearing it in the car makes you almost tempted to pick up your lighter or phone and just rock it. Tommy Lee's piano intro is instantly recognizable, and his little drumbeat at the end of the track is the perfect icing on an epic song. Add Mick Mars' guitar solo and the way Vince Neil yells "Tonight, today!" During the chorus, it's no wonder this Nikki Sixx-penned song made our top ten.

  • 5. 'Alone' - heart

    Originally written and recorded by songwriting duo Billy Steinberg and Tom Kelly, Heart took "Alone" to new heights when they covered the song for their 1987 album.evil animals. If you're still not convinced that Ann Wilson is one of rock's strongest voices, just listen to "Alone" on repeat a few times. And once again, this impressive power ballad would be the biggest hit of Heart's career, surpassing itbillboardHot 100 for three weeks in July 1987.

  • 4. "I would do anything for love (but I won't)" - Meat Loaf

    This delightfully cheesy classic enjoyed a revival following the untimely death of Meat Loaf, which sadly came just nine months after the death of composer Jim Steinman. If the deaths of Meat Loaf and Steinman have shed any light on anything, it's the importance of theatrics in rock 'n' roll and how much it's missed. "I'd Do Anything For Love" would revitalize Meat Loaf's career, earning him a #1 hit in nearly 30 countries and earning him a Grammy Award for Best Solo Rock Vocal Performance. Oh, and one thing he doesn't do for love is cheat on his partner. He says this at the very end of the epic song, in case that's sort of a mystery to anyone reading this.

  • 3. "Open Arms" - Journey

    "Open Arms" really took power ballads to a new level after its releaseleakin 1981. The entire '80s saw a tremendous boom in power ballad releases, and one could argue that Journey had a lot to do with it, given the success of Open Arms. Journey had many other power ballads they introduced later, but "Open Arms" was the grandest and grandest thanks to Steve Perry's sweet, sincere and soaring vocals.

  • 2. "Purple Rain" - Prince

    Much like Lynyrd Skynyrd's "Free Bird," Prince's "Purple Rain" isn't typically a power ballad, as the idea of ​​a power ballad is traditionally reserved for metal bands, but Prince was never one for musical boundaries or limitations. After the shortest scans, it's a power ballad.Prince once said about the meaning behind the classic track, “When there is blood in the sky – red and blue = purple… 'Purple Rain' refers to the end of the world and being with the one you love and leading yourself through the purple rain from your faith/god to It's really fitting that a heavy song should have such a heavy meaning.

  • 1. "I don't want to miss anything" - Aerosmith

    Power ballads are traditionally based on grandeur. This was the theme of the 1998 issueArmageddon,A movie about an asteroid threatening to destroy Earth is as far-fetched as it gets. "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" wasn't Aerosmith's first power ballad, but it was the band's greatest, sonically and commercially. Written by Diane Warren, the track features a string sectioneone of Steven Tyler's greatest screams ever recorded. In 1998 there was really no escaping this music. "I don't want to miss anything" was apparentlyall over. It would topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart for four weeks and is Aerosmith's only number one hit in the US. As if that wasn't enough, the song went to number one in nine other countries. And if Boston's bad boys like superlatives, "I Don't Want To Miss A Thing" tops this list of the best power ballads. While compiling this entire list was very difficult, putting this blockbuster first was the easiest part of the process.

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(Video) Neal Schon's Journey Through Time - Live @ The Independent In San Francisco February 2018


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