Candle Flame Split into Two Meanings Explained [Witch Tips] (2023)

Candle Flame Split into Two Meanings Explained [Witch Tips] (1)

Andear tina

Tina Caro is a passionate loner, witch, astrologer, yogi and a passionate advocate of all things holistic! Her favorites are green magic, lunar rituals, and shadow work.

It often happens that the candles, used for rituals or simply lit for purification, take forms and behaviors that arouse our curiosity.

This may seem a little simplistic, but as you proceed with a ritual, it often happens that the candle flames will behave strangely, refusing to stay lit, "dancing" or behaving differently without anything explaining it . On the other hand, they can be caused by the interaction of the flame with the available energies.

So you understand the most common behaviors of llamas when you are ready to perform rituals, but first make sure that there are no drafts or someone near the candle is breathing.


  • How to read and interpret the flames of the candles?
  • Candle flame divided into two meanings
    • What should I do if my candle flame breaks in two?
  • Benefits of interpreting the candles
  • Why does a candle flame dance before breaking in two?

How to read and interpret the flames of the candles?

Over time you can learn the meaning of the candle flame; To begin this process, you must first turn off every light except the candle.

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Candle Flame Split into Two Meanings Explained [Witch Tips] (2)

In itself, the parts of the sail are divided into:

  • The body of the candle represents man.
  • Wax is our physical body.
  • The backup is our mind.
  • The flame is the reflection of our own spirit.

With this in mind, you can begin to understand the meaning of the burning candle wick, depending on the behavior of the candle itself.

Candle flame divided into two meanings

The main flame represents you. If it is a protection candle, it signals the presence of one or more enemies. If it is a candle used in a love spell, then this is a sign of the presence of dangerous sentimental adversaries. In attack rituals, signal the presence of your enemy's allies, even on a spiritual level.

What should I do if my candle flame breaks in two?

There are a few things you can do if your candle flame splits. But first, let's look at several possible scenarios as to why this is happening and what it means.

  • and youYou cast a protective spell, the candle's behavior wants you to know that an opposing energy is at work; Perhaps an enemy or dark force is trying to counter you and challenge your path to a better and happier life.
  • If you arecast a love spell, someone else is standing in your way, maybe a lover, an ex or anyone who is preventing you from having the romantic relationship you dream of.
  • When you throw abusiness/workor a good luck charm, some negative energies like the evil eye, or someone "real" like a colleague, boss, or competitor might get in the way.

To fix this, you can cast an even more powerful spell in combination with aBanishing spells to banish negative energies/peopleof your life to have an empty space to work with magic without any kind of stressful situation or person.

If you're dealing with a candle flame splitting in two while you're casting your spells, you canTrust my spell serviceSo it can cleanse you of negativity and help you set intention and magic to get what you want!

If you're still undecided, you might still not know which is the perfect spell for you,contact meand I will help you find the perfect magic combination for you.

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Benefits of interpreting the candles

You might be a bit skeptical about looking at a candle while making a wish, but essentially it's more than that; it is the faith of the one who lights the candle that is true power.

The candle flame it emits symbolizes light and the believer who lights it bestows spiritual and mental power.

In this way, the flame gains great power with which it can achieve:

  • Rest ideas and relax mentally.
  • Environments free from bad energy.
  • Open a new channel of total focus, improve your perception of the world beyond the physical that you cannot see clearly, but only if that is what you want.
  • Improve your faith andSelf-esteem.
  • Count on the presence of mystical entities in the various rituals of different cultures as long as you keep to the goals set.
  • Help create an ideal environment for reading or creativity or even romance with someone special to you.

Why does a candle flame dance before breaking in two?

The flames of the candles mostly have a calm sway that can resemble a dance and like any dance it can convey strength and emotion or even stimulate eroticism as the body is relieved of pain, free to move freely and this also happens with the flames the candles.

The connection or connection you have with the flame is very important because while you are energetically making the requested requests you are certainly making some sort of body movement that is reflected in the candle.

Now it is important to know why the Flame Dance can be so powerful; means that you celebrate the request to be fulfilled:

  • When the flame dances in unison: All is well! Your request is meaningful and coherent, and it's for the best. You have great faith in your goal and give it the focus it needs; It is an achievement that will make you very happy.
  • When the flame dances with disorder: it is the opposite of the previous one; Here you neither have the focus for your concern, nor do you clearly state what you want to achieve. You are constantly changing ideas, which takes away from the coordination and beauty of what you are trying to achieve. There are doubts about what you are looking for; You may not be sure if you really want this, which means the candle flame is restless.

Candle divination not your thing? We've got you covered!


Suppose you want more information about your situation, e.g. B. Who is behind a negativity around you and how to fix it. In this case, you can count on another type of fortune-telling, different from candle reading, but absolutely effective:Tarot Readings! Listen!

Candle Flame Split into Two Meanings Explained [Witch Tips] (3)

Andear tina

Tina Caro is a passionate loner, witch, astrologer, yogi and a passionate advocate of all things holistic! Her favorites are green magic, lunar rituals, and shadow work.

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